Ooh Lulu Events
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At Ooh Lulu we design events, decorate venues and coordinate functions.

With our experience and your unique vision we roll out your special occasion simply, professionally and successfully. With treasures from all times, we manage to create an eclectic look that goes well with any style you choose. And because each function is unique, we pay attention to personal details that make your event distinctive, even eccentric yet always current, always stylish and bound to be remembered.


Think nostalgia. Think sentimental value. Think lasting memories.


How Ooh Lulu Started

Initially as a sideline project, Zahida planned a family neighbour’s wedding which turned out a huge success. Though at the time it was intended as a once-off event, it generated copious referrals which lead to the start of a small wedding coordination business. Subsequently Zahida completed her Events Management and Entrepreneurial qualifications through UCT GetSmarter and her business took to new heights. Now, the Ooh-Lulu team consists of a dedicated family and colleagues, working to make every event truly unforgettable.

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There’s planning, designing and decorating to be done. Get in touch to get started.

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